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Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Via Positiva

“The Via Positiva represents a new power, in the sense that it has been forgotten; the power that pleasure is and that wisdom is (Fox, Original Blessing.34).” I often refer to the Via Positiva as the Way of Bliss. It is the experience of Bliss in the world, and the direct experience of the Beatific Vision. Heaven is right here; God is right here. In the midst of wherever we are, we can find the glorious Beatific Vision, the vision of Heaven and the Glory of God. Here, in the Via Positiva, we can easily encounter the aspect of God that is open, infinite, and immanent.

Looking out at the world, we learn to see it as a tapestry of relationships. Wisdom is learning how to live within this web of relationships, and trusting that these unseen hands will guide us along the way. The Via Positiva is not passive; it is the active pursuit of wisdom and God. All too often, we sit and wait for the world to come to our rescue. If we are not active participants in the mysteries of life, we deny ourselves the blessings of the world.

“The Via Positiva is a way of tasting the beauties and cosmic depths of creation, which means us and everything else (Fox, Original Blessing.34).” This Path is the foundation for all the others. This is the place where we receive the tools to sharpen our encounter with all of the other mysteries set before us.

Where can God be found? “In the Via Positiva. In awe, wonder, and mystery of nature and all beings, each of whom is a ‘word of God,’ a ‘mirror of God that glistens and glitters,’ as Hildegard of Bingen put it. This is Path One (Fox, Creation Spirituality.18).” Many stop here and go no further, but the spirit moves us forward.


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